Best Flea Treatment For Cats

Itching Caused By Fleas

They are sweet friendly and cuddly, yet cats can be harmful, when contaminated with fleas. Fleas are small dark insects\’ that bites into the skin and feeding on blood causing itching and if left on treated can cause other diseases. Normal flea contamination causes mild itching or scratching but intense and continuous itching are signs of more serious conditions such as; flea allergy dermatitis which causes too much biting or scratching around the tail, groin, neck or back producing scabs or bumps. Anemia which produces sings of pale gums, weakness and exhaustion these however, would have to be confirmed by a veterinarian.

Flea Treatment For Cats

Regular flea contamination can be identified by looking under the cats belly and inner tights. Once identified cats should be treated. The treatment of fleas can be done in many forms as the methods are varying. There is over the counter products, prescription drugs and most recently the introduction of natural products.

Frontline Flea Medication For Cats

Frontline flea medication is recommended a one the best flea treatment for cats. Frontline provides a range or anti flea products that contain two main ingredients fipronil and s-methoprene which kills and stops flea eggs and flea larvae from developing into adults with its insect growth regulator formula. Frontline can be use on kittens 8 weeks and older and has also been permitted for use on pregnant and lactating cats. Consumers also opt to buy the Advantage once a month topical flea treatment. Though the difference in price, it is efficient and it comes six applications. Advantage kills fleas before they lay eggs or hatch. The main ingredient in advantage is Imidacloprid, it works similar to other pesticides by destroying the flea\’s nervous system making them paralyzed and they eventually die.

Medicated Shampoos And Flea Collars

Another best flea treatment for cats is medicated shampoos and flea collars. Medicated shampoos are effective as they contain chemicals and insecticides that kill and paralyze fleas to preventing further infestation. This last for a least a month and requires more than one bath for the full effectiveness, Flea collars are another treatment option that can be used as a preventative measure. These collars contain mild insecticides that help to kill the fleas.
Flea collars can also be used as a preventative measure but should not be depended upon for total flea control.

Chemical Flea Treatment For Cats?

Other remedies that do not include the use of chemicals are flea combs and diatomaceous earth which are also considered best flea treatment for cats. Flea combs have very narrow gaps between the teeth when used they force fleas out and removes their flea eggs from the cat fur. Diatomaceous earth is a powered form of lethal microscopic dust with razor sharp edges that cut through an insect\’s protective covering and kills it or dries it out. This product is natural, safe and environmentally friendly.
These options tend to be cheaper than prescription shampoo, Frontline Plus and Advantage and are sold in local pet store and by using a Frontline Plus coupon you can get some extra discount. It is also important to disinfect bedding and litter boxes to prevent re-infestation as well as limiting contact with the outdoors or other infested animals.

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