Scientect Offers a Global Board Games Market Growth Forecast Until 2026

Board games are a constantly growing market. In spite of videogames taking over just as aggressively, board games retain that physical feel we appreciate, so these two worlds rarely interfere. In the latest years, a lot of new board games hit the market, and many more received addons and expansions.

While the today of the industry looks bright, its tomorrow is a more complicated matter that requires studying. The scientists offer their vision of how the board game industry will grow in the following years, up to 2026. The research is based on the current tendencies, extrapolation of the latest month trends, official information by game manufacturers (Asmodée Editions, Goliath B.V., Hasbro, Ravensburger), and probably some insider data.

This research is of high interest to potential or current investors and developers that intend to enter board game market or are already there, trying to calculate their next steps. This vision of the trends to come will help them rate the situation right and make the right conclusion.

The research covers areas like size, type of the market, gross margin, growth ratem revenue, and other critical parameters. They also consider supplier power bargaining, new entrants, competition and risks it causes, and buying abilities of the consumers. If briefly, the researchers conclude that the board game market is about to grow. The exact numbers, though, are in the text of the report.

The report was made in August 2020, so it extrapolates the current pandemic situation, stay-at-home lifestyle, quarantine realities, and all its influence on the entertainment industry. Of course, its full text hasn’t been exposed, as this information is of high commercial value. The researchers are open to contact by those who want to access it. Soon, though, some information may leak out as more customers buy it.

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