5 Video Games with the Most Challenging Puzzles

A video game should be challenging, otherwise it makes little sense. But some of the missions we encounter there go beyond reasonable, as the developers’ logic works in some inhuman way (or they try to twist it the way a normal player wouldn’t easily guess). Well, some of these incredibly different puzzles in games have become memes.

Here is the list of the most incredible puzzles in video games. Of course, it’s incomplete, but these matters are always personal.

The Witness

It’s a game full of challenges. On an island, your character explores the terrain and constantly runs into the puzzles to solve. The hardness is that the developers decided to emulate real life exploration, so they give no clue except for puzzles themselves. So you are to decipher all these symbols manually. Not a champion’s: a Champollion’s mission!

King’s Quest Series

This franchise is well known for its incredible puzzles. The most beloved one is about Rumpelstiltskin: you need to write this gnome’s name with the alphabet turned backwards, and in addition, it’s spelled in folklore tradition, not in Disney’s (Rumplestiltskin). All of these nuances are left to your guessing, and you only have three guesses! King’s Quest games are full of quests like that; luckily, they aren’t all just as tricky.


A hybrid of a platformer and a puzzle game, it requires both perfect timing and unusual logic. It looks like a version of Super Meat Boy and other platformers of the XXI century that are loved for their hard gameplay. Celeste, though, requires you to think before you jump or run through platforms. Luckily, it has an Assist Mode that helps you through. But if you want to experience its true depths of hell, opt out of Assist.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

This game is infamous for just one of its quests, but it’s really iconic. Getting a fish out of a vending machine in order to progress further is a completely necessary step. But the process of getting one will frustrate you way more than you expect (even if you have read about it). In the end, you’ll have to use junk mail to distract the robot from taking away your fish; a truly Adamsian absurd.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Not that it’s a separate quest: it’s an entire level of such quests that would make a standalone difficult puzzle game. It’s so full of illusions, mazes, traps, unusual quests and strange tasks. Now you can see it on YouTube, but still, you should feel it with your guts when you have to raise or lower the water level and when to put your Iron Boots on or off.

Better Memorize Those 

If you like challenges, then these hell gates should be the best puzzles in video games for you. If not – you know what to avoid. What did you feel going through that? Recollect it in our comments and let go.

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