Best Android Puzzle Games in 2020

Puzzle games have always been popular on mobile devices. No need to be online, little performance required, easy to learn. The best thing about puzzle games is, though, that they can be played casually for a minute, ten, or an hour or more.

Developers keep making puzzle games, and publishers push them through all the time. Let’s speak about the best puzzle games on Android available in 2020. Of course, many of them were released long before, but they remain fresh and popular.

Monument Valley 1 & 2

It’s one of the most celebrated Android puzzles ever, with ladders and castles, rocks and labyrinths, and stuff. Impossible objects are real here, and the most incredible optically things can turn out real.  Each of the two games is brilliant, but an experienced player may find them too short and easy. So if you like one, purchase another with no doubt.


This one isn’t fresh either: it’s just one of the best puzzle games for Android, free and inexhaustible. On a square board, you move numbers between tiles to add them. Merging two identical numbers turns them into one tile with the number doubled (2+2=4, 4+4=8, etc). The objective of this game is not just getting a 2048 tile; you get further and add numbers as long as there is any space for the next move.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Solving puzzles in this game involves both gravity and portal physics. In a special lab, you build bridges and drive lorries through them. Getting from A to B also involves portals. It’s one of the most unusual and challenging Android puzzles 2020, though it was released back in 2017.

The Room

Another celebrated series is generally a classical quest made for mobile devices. The puzzle box it features conceals a lot of secrets to discover. It’s one of the first so much praised puzzles for Android, and it’s worth it. The visuals impress in 2020 just as much as they did back in 2012: the game was initially made for tablets with higher resolution, and later it got updated.

NY Times – Crossword

Crossword puzzles are among the most popular in the world since there were no smartphones and even computers. NY Times holds on to its traditions and features free crosswords every day, though you can buy extra packs for money whenever you want.

Twenty48 Solitaire

It’s a hybrid of a card solitaire and a 2048-like game. The rules are simple, and the performance required isn’t high, so it’s a perfect game for old devices. Nevertheless, it’s fun and immersive as you dig in.


Nothing is impossible. In Hocus, you need to drive a ball up and down impossible figures that are formed by optical illusions. Maurits Escher would have appreciated it. If you like his style, you certainly will regret Hocus is so short; it gets new levels, though.

Lara Croft GO!

This time the prettiest archaeologist ever stars in a turn-based puzzle that is still full of mystery, danger, and ancient ruins. The rules are simple, you take your time to make a move, but it’s as immersive as Tomb Raider action games. If you like it, there are similar Hitman GO and Deus Ex GO.

The House of Da Vinci Series

The three puzzles in this franchise take you through time and space. Explore the legacy of Da Vinci, but beware: the Renaissance genius has left a lot of puzzles and traps. This game is obviously inspired by The Room, but it delivers a lot of innovations. Learning from the best puzzle Android games only leads to the better.

RGB Express

If you like it colorful and moving, RGB Express is the title. In this game, you need to make roads for trucks delivering loads to houses of the same color. The more complicated routes they take, the greater is the chance of collision, and you need to avoid that. It features hundreds of levels, and replaying it is fun too.

Switch Your Brain On!

What’s your favorite Android puzzle? Of course, we couldn’t embrace all the games we wanted. But you’re free to drop more names in the comments and tell a couple of words on each. We would appreciate that.

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