Best Board Games 2020

Social distancing means more time with families, more dinners together and more evenings to spend on in-house activities. A good old board game can color any regular evening, especially with the fall coming. Here is the list of the best board games 2020 will be better with.


Letter games are as inexhaustible as the language itself. Scrabble is a classical board game that pumps up your lexicon, teaches calculating, and requires strategic thinking within its rules. By the way, the regular score of the word SCRABBLE is 14. Did you know that?


It’s an unusual game where players build a medieval landscape and, in fact, create a common kingdom. Each player at their move can add some facility on the tile they place. The score is calculated at the end, but the strategy becomes clear way earlier. It has its atmosphere and a great balance of luck and calculation, making Carcassonne one of the most popular board games.


One doesn’t have to be a board game geek to know Monopoly. An economy simulator where players compete over the city to control is one of the most iconic board games ever since 1930s. Districts and facilities, cards and dice, unique recognizable tokens and the Monopoly Man are familiar to most of us, and home rules are applicable to adjust the way we play.


This asymmetric game lets one player become a dark overlord while others join their forces as heroes opposing him. Some say it’s the best dungeon crawl board game for years. Indeed, it’s been reprinted a lot and upgraded to Second Edition. Numerous expansion packs are available, so playing Descent will surprise you even when you know your packs inside out.

Ticket to Ride

This game takes you to the era when American railways were being built. Drag your cards, get your tickets, connect the cities you are entitled to connect, build stations and railroads. The more train routes you claim, the better businessman you are and the closer the victory is. The game was so successful that it spawned a lot of spinoffs and expansions.


In this seemingly simple game, players need to get their tokens out of the maze. But instead of moving the tokens, you need to reconfigure the entire maze by sliding one remaining tile in, so another one gets pushed out, and all the tokens may move. Simple? But involving a lot of strategic thinking.


It’s probably the most popular war board game where the board is in fact a simplified world map, and players try to conquer it. To control territories, you can move your armies, call for reinforcements, attack other players and protect yours. Sounds basic, but the way it’s done places Risk among the best of board games.


This game is based on an ancient Iberic art of wall tiles. You play as a master summoned to decorate the king’s palace, so you order the tiles you need and compete with rivals doing the same. The score you get depends on how beautiful is the ornament your tiles form. Maybe it’s not the very best board game for 2020, but certainly one of the most spectacular.

King of Tokyo

What do you expect from an anime-inspired game? They are all here: monsters like Godzilla, giant robots, alien invaders – who is to rule here? The most powerful player becomes the king, just to face all the others alone. This game offers all the wildest imagination of today’s Japanese art, and – in addition – great gameplay.


If you like dungeon crawling board games, Gloomhaven is one of the latest and the best titles. It grew from a Dungeons & Dragons campaign and now is a standalone game with its own branching fantasy narrative. Some call it “D&D Lite”, and for a reason: its rules are similar, but the most complicated elements (like Dungeon Master role and so on) are absent. So it can be played in a more casual way.

Your Favorite Board Game?

We realize that the world of board games is too rich and big to select the undisputable Top 10. Luckily, there is a comment section below, so you can name your favorites there. Of course, everyone will benefit if you share your opinion.

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