Grow Vibrant Vegetables

Create a vibrant vegetable garden that looks colorful and gives you delicious and out of ordinary vegetables, for this year.

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Red juicy tomato adds to the summer special. It will be nice to try heirloom varieties that gives you the appearance of rainbow colors, including ‘Lemon Boy’ yellow, ‘Cherokee Purple’, ‘Green Zebra’, creamy ‘Snow White’, orange ‘Tangella’ and pink ‘Brandywine’.


Do you want to get your garden brighter than ever? Just get hold of peppers in your meals and garden. Bell pepper initiates with green and then ripe into red, orange, yellow and purple, if they are allowed. Cultivate some of the hot peppers variety like NuMex Twilight’ nor Bolivian Rainbow’ that bears fruits of various colors.


You could give a surprise to your neighbors and friends by just having red, white, purple or yellow carrots in the garden. Yes, carrots are not alone in orange. You could get the pleasure of having a jewel – like carrot salad or cake. Noticeable varieties add ‘White Satin’, ‘Purple Haze’, and ‘Red Samurai’.


Cauliflower appears in creamy white color as it is covered with leaves and protected from sun. But you could also enjoy this vegetable in orange and purple color. In the same way of other vegetables, in cauliflowers also colorful selections are healthier ones when compared to the simple white kinds. Look for orange ‘Cheddar’ and purple ‘Graffite’.

Swiss Chard

The finest vegetable that you could cultivate in your beautiful garden is the Swiss chard; mostly it is used for the ornamental purpose as its stems are beautified with white, orange, yellow, or red colors, however, ‘Bright Lights’ forms to be the esteemed selection.


Whether you like or not beets are brilliantly permeated with affluent, burgundy-red tint. However you could also cultivate this vegetable as ‘Chioggia’ having golden or candy-pink roots. ‘Bull’s Blood’ is the correct foliage that suits the salads.


Bean is a delicious vegetable and it is easy to cultivate. Green beans possess all the rewards, particularly, when you cultivate ‘Rocd‘or’ or ‘Royal Burgundy’ with bright golden pods.


Eggplant could give you good appearance to your eyes, but will not give a great deal for the taste buds. You could get purple fruits commonly, but if you search for you could get orange, red or green fruits. Purple fruits in the garden are the appreciated selection; perhaps, do not forget to admire the wonderful purple flowers.


Radishes could be got in eye-catching varieties; they have magnificent tastes, shapes and colors. Have a try on ‘French Breakfast’ white-tipped red radishes.


Always greens need not be in green color. Generate vibrant coleslaw or salads using red cabbages like ‘Ruby Ball’ or ‘Primero’.

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