How to Eliminate Fleas in the Yard

It is not a secret that fleas are frequently found on pets’ fur. Still, not all people are aware of the fact that eggs, pupae and larvae of these pests may easily be observed everywhere else, including your house and garden. That is exactly why experts recommend not only to treat your dogs and cats (if any), but also undertake special measures to eliminate them both in your home and outside it. In this respect, it proves to be reasonable to find out how to get rid of fleas in the yard in advance.
Nowadays millions of house owners use numerous sprays to eliminate these pests. This process, however, is not quick and generally takes up to two weeks to cope with. If you tend to make use of this option as well, then you will require special equipment, such as a garden hose and a sprayer that is attached to its end.

How to Eliminate Fleas in the Yard

As far as your yard is probably quite spacious, you should start with those areas that are more likely to be infested with fleas. These generally involve warm, moist and shady places – those where your pets like to rest on a hot sunny day. Make sure you spray these places thoroughly and obligatory read the instructions that come with the chemical you use. The thing is that lots of them are quite toxic, which means that you should avoid spraying them in those areas, which are close to ponds, lakes, creeks. This is how you will prevent the potential water contamination.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard

You should also know that fleas are typically attracted to those areas, where organic debris is found. These are places, in which leaves and grass cuttings are stacked for further decomposition. The best way out of this situation is to rack and remove organic debris and spray these composting areas. In case your pet spends much of its time outdoors, then you will not go without targeting those areas. Be sure to spray the pet house as well as your patio and porch. If possible, do not allow your pet to rest in those areas at least for several hours.
You should pay special attention to the type of the insecticide you are planning to apply. Some of them may contain organo-phosphate chemicals, which are very toxic. Others, in their turn, involve natural pesticides that do not pose danger both to humans and their pets.
These are only a few recommendations meant for those house-owners who are currently looking for guidelines on how to get rid of fleas in yard. Hopefully, they will prove to be valuable to you.

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