How to Get Rid of Fleas in Carpet

Fleas are annoying pests that frequently bite people and their furry pets. Though they do not have wings, they may jump quite high, thus moving from one object to another. This helps them stick to their hosts and such blood from them. Flea bites are unnoticeable at first sight, since the saliva of these parasites has anesthetic properties. As a result, aftereffects of a bite become visible only a few minutes after it. People, who are allergic to them, may develop severe swelling, pain and itching and will have to take antihistamines to relieve these symptoms. With that said, it becomes clear that these pests have to be eradicated the sooner-the better to avoid more serious consequences.
The first thing you should do to eliminate these insects is to define the place where they breed. If you have a pet, then they are more likely to be found in its coat. You can find them in other places as well, but this does not happen often, because they require nutrition and a warm place to hide in. As soon as you are done with the first task, you should obligatory think about how to get rid of fleas in carpet.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Carpet

Despite of the fact that these pests do not live in the carpeting for a long time, they still may affect you or your pet as soon as the treatment is over. That is why it should be a priority to your to eliminate them effectively before this happens. Listed below are the most popular methods reported by people who have already learnt how to get rid of fleas in the carpet and applied their knowledge successfully.
What you should realize is that it is nearly impossible to see these parasites at first glance. This is because they always tend to hide in dark and moist places, such as those behind doors or furniture. So, start looking for them in these areas. Do not forget to begin your disinfection with vacuuming your carpet. Actually, it is quite easy to suck these pests and their eggs out from the carpeting, but you should pay special attention to the areas mentioned above.

How to Eradicate Fleas in Your Carpet

Unfortunately, vacuuming does not always help eradicate these hectic parasites completely. More often, people have to wash their carpets to get rid of this problem for years. In case there is whole house carpeting in your home, then it will be more reasonable to use the services of a carpet cleaning company. Still, if you have small carpets that do not have to be tackled seriously, then you may wash them with hot water and soap yourself. You can also apply boric acid or salt that are claimed to be highly effective in killing different insects, including fleas. If these measures prove to be not that efficient, then you can use an anti-flea spray and apply it on your carpets, furniture and floor boards as well.
As soon as you manage to cope with flea infestation successfully, do not forget to inspect your carpets from time to time, especially if there are pets in your house. Hopefully, these tips have helped you find out how to get rid of fleas in your carpet for a long time.

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