How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are miserable little creatures. Once they enter into the home on the backs of your pets, they can difficult to get rid of, wreaking havoc on everyone in the home (including the pet owners) with bites that itch and can lead to pesky spots all over the skin. Getting rid of them can seem impossible, but only because most people aren’t sure where to start.
What should you consider when it comes to how to get rid of fleas in your house?
First, choose a treatment that is going to treat all of the life cycles of the flea. There are certain treatments that are only designed to kill the adult flea, without killing the eggs. Then, once the eggs hatch the cycle begins again and you are left with the pests all over the home. This is one of the most common issues people face with fleas.
Using a flea product that contains an insect growth regulator ensures that the fleas aren’t going to make it to the stage where they are going to be pesky and leave you feeling itchy. We list the products available in the guide we have created just for you – so research the right product and choose the one that is going to get rid of the fleas, for good.

Three Basic Steps To Getting Rid Of Fleas In The Home

Kill the Fleas on Your Pet

It’s important to treat the pet first since they are likely to be the source of the problem. Using flea baths, topical treatments and brushing can help to get rid of the fleas on dogs and cats, and stop them from spreading. Most products are applied directly to the skin and can last up to a month.

Treat the Home

Soft areas that have fabric in the home can house the fleas that have made their way into the house. Washing the items in hot water and using detergent can help to get rid of the fleas that have escaped the fur of the pet and that are living in the home.
Treating the pet alone isn’t going to be an effective way to get rid of the fleas at home. It’s important to treat the area and get rid of the fleas.
In some cases, where there is a bad infestation that has occurred in the home you might want to consider calling in the professionals. A professional exterminator can help to get rid of the fleas in the home using professional products – and getting rid of the infestation effectively in as little as one treatment. For multiple infestations in the home, there are often discounts available and exterminators will often provide the customer with a free quote based on the infestation, the size of the home and the methods of control that are going to be used to get rid of the pet.

Keep Up Treatment

Continuing the treatment for the pet is the final step that is going to help to prevent and infestation of fleas in the future. Making sure that the pet is treated on a regular basis with effective products, like Frontline plus, can help to get rid of the fleas for good and kill the fleas in the home at each stage of the life cycle.
To prevent the fleas from returning, you can even use flea collars that are designed to be worn by the pet. These collars are designed to get rid of the fleas and prevent them from latching on to the dog, therefore preventing them from infesting the home.
Considering these options and learning how to control a flea infestation in the home can be an easy way to learn how to get rid of fleas, and save the cost of the pest professionals.

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