How to Remove Fleas on Puppies in No Time

Fleas can pose danger both to humans and pets because they are reported to carry diverse diseases. However, they can seriously affect puppies that are less than 6 weeks old. This is explained by the fact that these pests get nourishment by means of sucking blood, which may cause severe anemia and even death in young dogs. Consequently, all dog-owner have to pay special attention to this issue. Moreover, they are obliged to learn how to get rid of fleas on puppies in the best way.
Unfortunately, the majority of anti-flea products are meant for older dogs and may be threatening to puppies. With regard to this, it is highly recommended to avoid using flea collars, sprays, powders and rinses on them. What is the way out then? Luckily, there are safer ways to eradicate these parasites from young dogs. Read on to find out how to get rid of fleas on a puppy.
As far as puppies are generally small, you can easily place your pet into a kitchen or bathroom sink filled with warm (not hot!) water. It is better to test the water temperature with a special thermometer meant for baby baths in advance. This will help prevent potential injuries and discomfort in puppies. Having done that, wet your dog and bathe it with the help of dishwashing liquid or any other shampoo meant for dogs of this age.
How To Get Rid of Fleas on Puppies
You can ask someone to help you, since some puppies may not like this procedure. The next step is to rinse your pet with warm water and dry it properly right after you take it out of the sink. If you wish, you can make use of a hair dryer, which often proves to be a rational decision in case it is quite cold in the house or you have a puppy with long hair. This procedure can effectively help remove fleas and eggs from the puppy.
It may not be quite easy to eradicate all these parasites by washing a dog only. This is where a special flea comb will come in handy to you. You can use it irrespective of the fact whether your puppy’s hair is dry or wet. Do not forget to bathe other puppies and treat their mother as well. Otherwise, flea infestation may occur again. Disinfect the place where your pets sleep and wash their bedding to remove live fleas and eggs. Puppies that are eight weeks old should be obligatory taken to the veterinarian to get proper treatment in case the above mentioned measures do not help. Now as you know how to get rid of puppy fleas, you can take care of your pets adequately.

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