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Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

Amazing Frog? is a multiplayer sandbox indie game by Fayju. Here you can have hours of fun with other amazing frogs by doing … well, anything that comes into your head! Just create a custom frog to represent yourself and roam the froggy world without limitations, destroy everything you see, fight for your frog’s rights, and more! The game is available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux computers. 

Graphics and Sound – 7/10

The Amazing Frog? game has mediocre graphics, which is quite normal for an indie sandbox game. On the other hand, people come to play it, not to admire awesome visuals and high-res textures. It’s up to you to decide anyway. The soundscape and the soundtrack are good enough to support your immersion into the crazy world of mad frogs. You can also play some music from your player on the background. Fortunately, the game supports this. 

Controls – 9/10

The input quality in the game is high enough for having unstoppable fun all day long. In some cases, you will totally lose control, but that’s always really fun and not annoying at all. Amazing Frog? also supports PC-compatible controllers. You can connect 2 controllers if you want to play in a split-screen mode. 

Gameplay – 10/10

Amazing Frog? gameplay will surprise you with the amount of silly but hilarious humor. Even walking down doing nothing is fun in this universe. We recommend you play this game in the multiplayer mode to unleash its full potential and have hundreds of random encounters with other players. You can also create a personal server to play with a team of friends. You can perform various stunts, make fun of other players, explode things, fight sharks, start shootouts, ride pigs, fly on jetpacks, and many other fun things. 

Lasting Appeal – 9/10

Amazing Frog? is an inexhaustible source of hilarious player-generated content. Team up with friends or join a public server, and you will have many hours of fun doing various silly things. The game lacks a story mode sometimes, but your fantasy will produce scenarios non-stop as you explore the vast realms of Swinton. 

The Froggiest! 

This game is overwhelmingly cool and fun for everyone who likes franchises that don’t try to be serious. Come to Swinton if you want to relax and have some mad fun with your pals and unknown guys from the Internet. 

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  • Full freedom of action
  • Low system requirements
  • Frequent content updates
  • On-time-purchase


  • Physical bugs occur sometimes
  • Still in Early Access

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