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Yatzy Offline and Online - free dice game Review

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Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

Yatzy free dice game attracts with the simplicity of the rules. In the game, a lot depends on the player's luck and intuition. Unlike real card poker, "Dice Poker" does not require bets and trades, so Yatzy is perfect for an exciting free time with friends or yourself.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

The graphic design of the game is very simple and straightforward. Intuitive navigation and simple soundtrack with every move in the game will allow you to relax and enjoy the gameplay.

Controls 9/10

Yatzy does not have any settings, the started game can be saved and stopped (interrupted). Finished games under the given name are entered into the "Table". SQLite is used to store game data (compact, embedded, a relational database). The overall game control is mouse-oriented.

Gameplay 10/10

This game has its origins in classic poker. It requires 5 dice to play. Any number of people can participate in the game. The recommended number is 2 - 6 players. The essence of the game is to throw combinations on 5 dice. The game lasts 13 rounds in total. The player with the most points at the end of all rounds wins. It is necessary to collect the combinations that are reflected in the scoring sheet, the sheet itself is divided into 2 parts - upper and lower. There are several types of rules, differing mainly in the number of points awarded for collecting combinations of the type: pair, two pair, house, etc.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

It would seem an unpretentious game, roll the dice and count the rolled values, but there are also elements of strategy: in each move, you need to evaluate which dice are better to leave, and which ones to roll. Besides, you need to understand in which line it is better to write the current result of the throw, and then try to collect a big one in points, a combination for another line; + endless replay value.

Overall Impression

Yatzy is ideal for all puzzle and board game lovers. Your points are calculated automatically, and the rules are easy to remember. Sit down at the virtual table with Yatzy's stylish design and cool sound. Start playing Yatzy - it's free!

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  • World ranking
  • High-quality design and animation
  • Adjustable difficulty
  • Many interesting achievements
  • Left-handed mode


  • Bugs with randomness

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