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Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

Chess is a mobile simulator of the original classic board game by Chess Prince. There are many versions of this brain-training sport for smartphones and tablets, but this one tops Play Market and App Store charts. Read our review to know how an old board game has gained over 100 million downloads worldwide. 

Graphics and Sound – 10/10

If you were looking for the most atmospheric and immersive chess game for your smartphone, you probably found it. Chess by Chess Prince presents an excellent quality of graphics along with a nice ambient background soundtrack. You can choose from a variety of board, table, and figure styles to match the game with your liking. There are 2 view modes: the default 3D view with high-quality effects, and a simplified 2D top-down camera for energy saving and a better overview. 

Controls – 10/10

If you know how to play the original game, you will easily get used to the controls. You can either tap and drag the figures or tap a figure once and tap the empty cell to place it. That’s just that easy. If you’re new and you don’t know the rules, the built-in assistant will help you learn the rules and win your first games against the computer. The game supports only touchscreen input, and it’s actually the best one possible. 

Gameplay – 9/10

Chess offers 10 difficulty levels of the bot combined with an excellent multiplayer mode for friendly matches. There’s no online multiplayer, but the quality of the AI is high enough to keep you entertained. You can play anytime and save your progress if the round lasts longer than you expected. 

Lasting Appeal – 10/10

The Chess game lets you play and feel how you progress. The levels and difficulties are designed to let you train and unlock new challenges eventually. As a result, you can keep playing for long periods without getting bored by the same tasks. In addition, you can invite your friend and play in the two-player mode. 

Chess King

Playing this chess simulator feels great independently from your skill level. The game can help you learn how to play if you’re a novice and lets you keep progressing if you’re an experienced player. It’s a finding for anyone who wants to combine mobile time killing and active brain training. 

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  • Realistic 3D mode
  • Helpful smart assistant
  • Customizable boards and tables
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ten difficulty levels


  • Some descriptions lack detail
  • Needs a bit more flexible settings

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