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Classic Solitaire Free Review

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Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

Classic Solitaire game was made by HappyDream developers. You may already be familiar with this game, as it is one of the most popular card games that were preinstalled on your PC. Now it is available for Android users. You don’t even have to stay online to play the game.

Graphics 9/10

Well, we have already seen so many variants of Solitaire games that the expectations from something new are already high. Yes, there are simple and understandable user face, several backgrounds in different styles, and bright colors of decks. Yet, there were more atmospheric solitaire games, more vivid, and even more diverse.

Gameplay 10/10

You receive your favorite classic Solitaire game with several improvements. There is a Draw 1 and Draw 3 modes selection. Depending on your own skills, you can pick the one you like. If you just enter the game, my advice to you is to practice as much as you can on the easy level. You will learn the basics and train your skills. After that, try challenging levels.
There is a helper for newcomers. Follow recommendations and improve the game. You can always close the go back to the previous game and repeat it with better scores if you want. If repetitive game sounds annoy you, you can switch them off.  The game saves your scores and achievements.

Controls 10/10

Classic Solitaire game was specially designed for Android devices. It means, the controls work well and there are no problems with displaying the game in its full size on the phone. You will have to drag your cards by tapping on them and swiping. Place the card whenever you need and check the rest of the cards. You don’t need to learn some extra moves. The game is easy to understand. Just remember to think carefully before moving the card.

Replay Value 10/10

Classic Solitaire game was always one of the most obvious choices to spend days and nights for many employees at the office, in-between the working process. It is still one of the favorite card games for many of us. There is no linear story. You can shut it down and later go back, you don’t need to keep the game in mind while you are busy. Instead, the game helps you to concentrate, whenever you need it.

In-app purchases

Classic Solitaire is free of charge game. It does not offer you in-app purchases. The game does not require any payments from you. However, you have to keep in mind that the game is free of charge. This means that it contains ads. Some players believe that there are too many ads appear on the screen and make the game more complicated to play. You may consider ads as a payment for the game. If you are too bothered by them, you can look for another similar game.


Classic Solitaire is a game from a nostalgic past with modern improvements and numerous levels. This is an advanced Solitaire game with several modes. It is free of charge. You can open and close the game whenever you like, the game saves your results.

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  • Challenging game
  • Free of charge
  • High replay value


  • Contains ads that may appear suddenly
  • The design is too simple

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