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NBA 2K20 Review

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Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

NBA 2K20 is an official NBA basketball simulator by 2K, Inc., the developer of the console and PC version of the popular NBA series. The mobile version lets you experience high-quality career gameplay with some platform-exclusive features and an awesome soundtrack by top celebrities. NBA 2K20 free-to-play is available for iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play. 

Graphics and Sound – 10/10

NBA 2K20 is focused on realism and presents way better visuals than the previous chapter. Developers managed to animate live play and the audience on a very high level. All the famous courts are recreated with scrupulous attention to detail so that fans enjoyed the authenticity of the game. The same level of patience was dedicated to the design of players. The soundtrack features top songs by favorite NBA artists, including Diplo, T-Pain, Drake, and many others. 

Controls – 10/10

The game features an optimized control scheme so that you can play with a console feel but fewer buttons. The left screen stick is for locating players, while the large buttons on the right adapt to the current situation, providing you with the right set of actions for defense and attack. 

Gameplay – 10/10

In the MyCareer story mode, you can experience the whole way from the college league to the NBA league and a place amongst the basketball stars. You can also play NBA Stories to control the most celebrated NBA players and legendary teams right on your device. Moreover, you can manage your team, deal with the budget, and complete other challenges to feel yourself a real GM. In the multiplayer mode, you can quickly join 5-on-5 games with players from all over the world and sharpen your skills facing challenges from real players. 

Lasting Appeal – 8/10

The single-player campaign and other modes will please you with hours of high-quality gameplay. However, the multiplayer mode will make you wait for matches to start for a bit too long as the player base isn’t big enough for quick matchmaking yet. 

Much Better

The developer has worked on the mistakes of the previous mobile chapter and made NBA 2K20 a really worthy NBA simulator. The game still has some balance and logic issues, but we see how they fix them quickly. Overall, it’s a good way to play for any basketball fan who likes casual mobile basketball with realistic visuals. 

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  • Realistic graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Cool soundtrack
  • 5-on-5 multiplayer


  • Minor balance & logic issues
  • Small player base

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