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Word Search 2020 Review

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Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

Word Search Game is a fun educational puzzle game for mobile platforms with word search from a table with letters. The game offers two game modes and a leaderboard. It also develops the ability to learn new English words and playfully expand your knowledge.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

The graphics are the simplest. White background prevails in this game. Such interesting and intuitive navigation has this word search game. It is a fun way to spend your time.

Controls 10/10

The controls in this game are quite simple and intuitive. You have to connect the letters with one movement to get the word you want. These words will always automatically be colored in, so you won't get confused.

Gameplay 8/10

In the Word search game, the entire working field consists of a kind of grid, on which scattered English letters. At the bottom is a window with words hidden in the jumble. You can connect letters not only vertically and horizontally, but also diagonally, and crossing out already found words. Each found word is highlighted with its color, so it is difficult to get confused.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

The game Word Search will attract you for a long time, and you will be happy to spend time with it. You can play in 3 game modes, and therefore the game will not bore you. It develops logical thinking and adds a little excitement to your life. You can play anywhere, the main thing is that the phone is nearby.

Overall Impression

Word Master is a word search puzzle for mobile platforms. In the game, you have to search for keywords in 3 different game modes. More than 500,000 English words, a table of records, interesting tests, and competitions with friends are waiting for you, developing the sharpness of quick thinking and typing skills.

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  • Endless game with dynamic levels
  • Auto adjust to screen
  • The grid is built from overlapping words
  • Clean and bright design
  • Top score list
  • Tablet support


  • It may get boring too fast

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