Mosquito Control Iowa (IA) Big Problems with Small Insects

Mosquito control Iowa is fast becoming a major concern as the biting annoying pests continue to multiply rapidly. And it\’s not just Iowa who is suffering from these disease carrying insects, many other places such as Houston, Texas have been receiving massive amounts of rain water from the aftermath of this season\’s earlier than usual Hurricane storms in the Atlantic. This rainfall along with the hot summer weather creates prime conditions for mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes are known carriers of West Nile Virus and according to the Iowa Department of Health – since West Nile first arrived in Iowa in 2001, there have been 224 human cases resulting in 10 deaths. Click here for more information – West Nile Virus Returns to Iowa.

Iowa Mosquitoes – Public Enemy #1

Mosquito control companies – such as Mosquito Control of Iowa who have been spraying mosquitoes for over 20 years, understand that in order to defeat the enemy, you must first understand what makes them tick – relatively speaking of course. This company is licensed and certified by the state of Iowa and many of the State\’s City Councils have spraying contracts with this merchant. The company is also certified by the state of Florida in droplet analysis and sprayer calibration. While the company does a good job combating the infestations with their comprehensive line of equipment – in most cases, their contracts only require them to spray the water that is standing on City property. Therefore, it is important for all residents of Iowa and everywhere else for that matter, to do their part to battle these insects on their own turf!

Fight Back Against Mosquito Infestations!

Mosquitoes begin life as little wrigglers in pools of stagnant water. Later, the larvae pupate and, when they hatch, the females go off looking for a blood meal so they can lay their eggs and continue the breeding cycle all over again. They thrive in puddles, birdbaths, rain gutters, old tires and flower pots, anything that can hold water. Be sure to read our Mosquito Control Guide to see how you can successfully combat these disease carrying insects.

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